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Mar 132013

via Lehigh Valley Business

By Katherine Schneider

The secret to creating retail windows displays is all about mixing it up.
“Change your décor every six weeks,” advised American Hairlines’ Dave McCormack.

McCormack was one of several presenters who gave Bethlehem retailers insight on how to become more successful and achieve larger profits yesterday.

Part of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce’s “The Merchant Seminar: Learn how to profit on YOUR Main Street,” the presentation day-long seminar was held at the Hotel Bethlehem on Main Street in Bethlehem.

McCormack said he has 20 years of experience in visual marketing and offered many tips on creating show-stopping window displays for retailers.

“Your windows are like billboards. You only have eight seconds to grab the shoppers’ attention,” he said.

The first step retailers should take in decorating their windows is cleaning, McCormack said.

“Decorating is the last step … the biggest pet peeve of mine is dirty windows. Clean your windows!” McCormack told the audience.

Once retailers have cleaned the shop from floor to ceiling, only then should they set about making a visually stunning display. Shop owners should also consider their audience and craft their display around the interests of their typical customer.

“You can’t attract everyone. You can’t focus on every group. You have to focus on one group,” he said.

When thinking about a window display, shop owners should also decipher the direction foot traffic takes in moving past their shop.

The window display should also highlight a shop’s wares in the best way possible. If a shop sells small pieces like jewelry, the retailer should consider making a poster of the item so that shoppers can really see what the store has to offer, McCormack suggested.

Once the retailer has everything set up, then it’s time to think about what the next window display will look like.

“You don’t have to spend a lot, just add one or two new elements,” he said.